A trail with many fun obstacles


Big rocks to go over


Ben tears it up


Most of the trail was more like a dirt road



Look at that flex


A dirt road in the midst of the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains


What great beauty and fun



I seriously thought I was going to roll my truck when I did this, but I don't really think it would have.


There were some deep ruts to get in


It was such a beautiful day


Wow... itsa Monster truck


Ben was willing to over anything


Ah, Colorado


Very Rocky and scarey


Took Ben quite a bit to get the jeep like that


A different angle


What a beautiful sky line


What flex


China wall trail is very scenic


Conquering more obstacles


The infamous China wall


I didn't make it over the wall


Ben you Rock!





Ben made it over China Wall (that small little evil obstacle), but it cost him his rear axle.  Yup, after that we had to disconnect the drive shaft from the rear axle.  He drove it back to the trailhead using just the front wheels, and I had to tow him over hills.  Overall a great day, but mechanical failure is always a possibility.  Morale of this story... NEVER 4x4 ALONE!