What a great trip through the front range.  We were so close to home, but yet way out in the middle of no where!


That's Colorado Springs in the backgroud Erron and his awesome Jeep Cherokee Cool rock formations at about 10,000 ft Dirty Toyota, but made it to 11,800 ft  this road was easy to go on, but don't make a wrong turn
Driving was great, but the view was even better A night of eating and playing capture the flag Look at that awesome truck tear up the outdoors with ease The views made it worth all the fun Colorado Rocky mountains are incredible, I even think Big Foot lives here!?!
  Very steep and long way down to the right The second most difficult hill to climb, and the picture does not do it justice All of the guys, but me gasping for air at 11,800 ft Though we didn't take the Neon 4x4ing, it did made it to the camping area Only the jeep made it up this hill. I tried in the Toyota, and the Cherokee didn't!
John and AMAZING Jeep! The guys with me in the picture This hill is a whole lot steeper than it looks Proof that my truck made it to 11,800 Ft. above sea level Very RARE WILD cows!
Going through the mud Video

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Erich conquers a very steep rocky hill!

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Did we get Devin?

An attempt at being funny?

Heading back down the mountain What a view!!! Download DivX Now!


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