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12,000 ft. Above sea level Front range from Colorado Springs To Denver


My friend George "Buddy"

capturing a picture of

Colorado Springs on High

Spectacular view of Colorado Spring with rain clouds in the distance

Same view with slightly different angle


Devin walking on rocks at the Reservoir at 12,000 ft. View from Mount Baldwin of Colorado Springs

Front Range looking North with another lower altitude Reservoir


George pondering the glory of the kingdoms of the Earth You cannot see Pikes Peak from where we were taking photos, but in this picture, it would be to the left behind one of Baldwin's peaks

George catching his breathe and getting a picture of Colorado Springs


George standing on man-made water diverters from the reservoir, looking to the greatness of God's mountains Walking to get a good picture of the Colorado Springs

What an incredible view


Very cool rock formation on 

Mt Baldwin

(better known by 4x4ers as Mt Baldy)

Devin near top of Mt Baldwin, climbing on the rocks

Cool rock formation after the cloudy skies cleared


Interesting rock formations on

Mt. Baldy

View looking South East

Horse head Mt. driftwood?

Anyway cool picture of sun bleached wood taking by Devin


Microwave Radio tower taken on another planet?

No trees above 12,000 ft

View is deceiving!

We hiked to peak on other side, and it is MUCH further then it looks!


Just going to cross the dam before hike to the two peaks.  We never could get to a place to see Pikes Peak, but it should be in the distance behind the left peak.


Picture opposite of previous picture from right side of picture. As we walked across the dam.



View through to Colorado Springs


Same ,but slightly  different The turn that takes you to the top!



Looking North East towards 

Colorado Springs


George "Buddy" Sucking in the thin air and enjoying the AWESOME views! Almost looks like

 an alien landscape



Great Rock formation to the left


I could live up here...

if there was more air!

George in awe on God's great handy work!



deep in thought or lost because of lack of air?


Cool Rocks Dude! The glory of all the kingdoms of the world and all there splendor



Orchestrating the mountains to sing?


Or is he measuring the width of the mountains? Should I go swimming or not!?!



View of Cheyenne  Mountain


Even mountains were below us Erich (me) catching my breath after a long hike



JErich is sitting on top of the world!


Cool trees. Notice mountain flower and rock in forground, makes an interesting contrast



Hiking along trying to collect O2.


We didn't go there! Interesting little purple flowers.



Neat dead, bleached out trees.



Centaur sticking out of the rock

(centaur-half man half beast)


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Toyota truck Mod Man


I told you that hike was longer than it looked!  I took the other picture (where I said it was much further then it looked ) from where that road/ trail meets the dam (slightly left center of picture).




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