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This is a truth me and my friend Jerome had to figure out on our own

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There are more videos with the pictures, and there are a few more videos I have not made internet friendly yet!

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     It finally happened! A weekend of four wheeling in the Toyota pick up.  Yes, it was a weekend filled with adventure, suspense, drama, and of course fun! Click here to get a feel of the adventure in the pictures and videos that were taken.

     I was very surprised at how well the Toyota performed even at nearly 12,000 ft above sea level.  The truck has a very serious lack of horse power, but yet in low gear seemed to crawl its way to the top of the mountains just fine.  This makes me want to get more performance out of the truck more than ever.  Anyway, the four wheeling trip was out in the Pikes National Forrest on roads designated for 4x4 only, so its not like this was truly impossible 4x4ing, however, it was a fun experience and I didn't break any major components on the Toyota. In fact, the only mechanical problem was the passenger side window coming off one of its tracks from all the vibration (I still have to fix it).  

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 Autumn 4x4 Adventure