An autumn trip into the mountain range with Ben, a good friend of mine, and Devin.  Scenic beauty and incredible fun rolled into one day.  The pictures don't capture how difficult some of the trails we were on, or how steep the hills were that we climbed, but I can assure you they were very steep!  Devin did most of the camera and video work here, so enjoy!
wonderful and colorful fall in the Rocky Mountains Very beautiful fall in the mountains of Colorado

Aspens Are a bright gold and the pictures don't really do them justice.

The beautiful drive through the mountains in the Pikes National Forrest to the many miles of legal 4x4 trails Peppered yellow through out the range at specific elevations

More peppered aspens Awesome! 1969 Jeep Commando

Lots of flex for stock

Jeep trying to crush a rock!
Flex... Yes but look at the space between the tire and the hole in the ground What an incredible view!!! mouse over to see rear view

click for larger view

Beautiful Colorado
Look at the tire hang!!!

4x4ing in the Rockies is so much fun!


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Ben's Jeep

Toyota King of the hill


Toyota failed

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different 4x4 adventure

Erich's Place

Devin's place

Toyota mods pages

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In the last video I end up with my truck totally wedged in and stuck!!!

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