All artwork is original

except newtek logos

PLEASE give me credit if you use them!

The cross Alpha and Omega Jesus Mars
A10 high Altitude Earth Mexico view Jupitor with Ring Mech Attack
Spacecraft 2004 video Spaceship 2004 Landing on Mars? Some Earth like place
like Earth, but different SC 2004 in Space

T-Rex near our Apartment in Manitou Springs, CO 

a LW 8.0 project



AX1 Surfaced
A10 Attacks UFO Greenwood Cnty Hosp. KSC Launch Mars Mission Blood cells
short video Nuetrophil   Nuetrophil
a dose of ME Del E Webb hospital. Red Blood Cell really close Wine Room

All picture and projects are Mine / please respect my creativity and give me credit if you use any of my pictures

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