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The Potato Cannon

A wonderfully fun project that can teach chemistry, physics, and safety

The potato cannon has been known to shot spuds up to 1000 ft. I have never even come close to that!

A longer barrel and  larger chamber in the elbow will help in achieving such lengths.

One should always use safety equipment and have a small fire extinguisher handy!


Oxygen and fuel ratios are very important, so after each shot, as you load a new spud rocket (use an old

broom handle to "mash" it down the barrel), leave the cap off to allow the chamber to air out.  

One to three short burst of spray fuel is all that is needed, because if you use any more, there will be an 

improper mixture and it will not ignite.  Electronic igniters can be experimented with, but I like the 

old flint starters, which by the way, you have to give them a good snap of the fingers to ignite the fuel. 

Another affecting factor in spud orbiting is the spud seal in barrel... it should be very snug, since a loose 

fitting potato will not go far.  An alternate ammunition can be apples (cheap and/or rotten).  If you are 

looking for accuracy...  you will not find it using the the potato gun. 


Fuel update!

I hear that Alcohol works great with no residue.  I would assume that the alcohol would have to be 

A fairly high percentage (greater than 60%).  I will look into this!


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I fear for anyone who would attempt to attack our country

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