I'm Sammy and this pretty much what I do for a living

Any visiting Internet Gamers? You know who you are...

I also have been know to play Counter Strike Source!

send me a quick e-mail if you came because of CS spray!

I watch my friends in the morning

When I'm cold...

I get warm!

I love putting on cat cologne after I eat.

Wake me up when its time to eat!
Will you stop taking my picture!

I'm napping here!

I just want play with them!

They seem to be so nice.

Soon I will conquer the whole world...

Resistance is futile!

Don't I smell great!?!

Now its time for a nap.

I eat

I scratch

I clean

I sleep

life is good!

I will use my glowing eye powers to make you feed me!

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copyright 2004