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     In this part of my site I will talk about my boring life.  That's right, I am going to talk about Me, Myself, and my boring life. 


       I am going to skip about 9 years of my life and get to the good part.  When I was 9, God called us to sell our house and travel in a RV.  My parents put our house on the market and started to look at RV's.  My parents had put our house on the market before, but no one seemed interested.  Our house was  out in the country and most people thought it was to far  from town. Anyway, our house sold very quickly after we found an RV, and the  next thing I knew we were driving down the road in a 36 foot long motorhome traveling the U.S.  I have been through most of the east coast and central United States.  Some amazing things have happened to me and my family.  We have gone from rolling in the bucks to being so broke that we had to  stay in a parking lot of a truck stop,  wondering where our next meal was going to come from.  God gave us food every time we were hungry.  He got us out of that place and  brought us to Colorado where we now live.  




    I am now 13  and play bass guitar in the worship band at my church.  I also play guitar as one of my hobbies. I love music and I soon hope to have a band of my own.