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   Who are the Frutigers?

     The family this website represents is Erich, mitzi (mitzi does not capitalize her name), Devin (the son of Erich and mitzi), and sometimes Sammy (our wonderful cat).  Erich and mitzi were married on May 5, 1989 (A side note: Cinco de Mayo and the wedding date are coincidental).   November 9th, 1989 Devin was born, and yes do the math between the wedding date and his birth date.  After Erich and mitzi were married in Florida where they had meet about two years before, but had only dated one another since November 1988.  After being married only a month they moved to Illinois (mitzi's home state) to start there new life as a couple.  The reasoning behind moving to Illinois was to go to get a good job, go to college, and move back to Florida after schooling was complete.  Mitzi's father gave them a place to live and Erich started working at a discount farm store called Farm & Fleet of Kankakee, where he worked for the next three years.  The Frutigers lived in Momence, IL, and while living there Devin was born at Riverside Medical Center in Kankakee, IL.

      After about a year living in Momence they moved into mitzi's father's rental house in Watseka, IL, the town where mitzi was born.  Erich attended college part time and worked fulltime until entering the Medical Laboratory Technician program at Kankakee Community College in the fall of 1992.  Erich quit working at Farm and Fleet and was able to get a part time job as a lab assistant at Iroquois Memorial Hospital in Watseka, IL until he completed school and was hired fulltime as a Medical Lab Tech in the Summer of 1994.  During this period (1993) mitzi was working for her mother, who was a sub contractor for the Chicago Tribune.  One night on her way to Chicago (she left around midnight), she was involved in a very tragic car accident that caused her to roll the three week old, brand new Geo Metro, they just purchased, three times before coming to a stop.  After surgery to replace a bone chip on her left shoulder, from a severe shoulder dislocation,   mitzi suffered from a severe infection of the bone that nearly took her life.   Fortunately she lived, but the infection did take the majority of the use of her left shoulder.  During this time mitzi realized that her life had been to this point very shallow in her spiritual walk with God. Those kind of situations will wake you up to the spiritual sides of things.

     This lead to both of them going to church (spring of 1994) at an Evangelical Free church in Watseka, which soon lead to Erich's life changing experience and becoming a Christian.  They attended a small group in the church and made life long friends in the small group and the church.  They also lead the high school youth group at their church, and volunteered at the local chapter of Youth for Christ. 

     In the spring of 1994 they decided to build a house out in the country about 9 miles outside Watseka.  They moved in around September 1994 and lived there until 1999.  The house was a located on six acres of land on the Iroquois River, just a few miles a way from the Illinois / Indiana border.  In 1999, believing that God was calling them away from the area they  put their house up for sale. 

     After much prayer they decided that they would sell the house and travel in RV for as long as they were supposed to do so.  The house sold as soon as the decision was made to travel.  August 1st 1999 the Frutigers left Sheldon (the town that the house was considered a part of), and hit the road to first visit family and friends. The Frutigers traveled across the states visiting friends and family and experienced good times and hardships (maybe someday a book will be written!?!).   The states visited were South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, Massachusetts, Northern New York state, Texas, Louisiana, Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, and Oklahoma, and they passed through many more, but these are the places that some amount of time was spent.  In the late summer of 2002 they decided, after much prayer, that after 3 years of traveling they were done.  However, Erich at this time was doing some contracting work as a lab tech, and took one more contract in Idabel, Oklahoma.  When the contract was finished they headed to Manitou Springs Colorado, the place they had stayed for the last two summers, to sell the motorhome and settle back into a stationary life.  This leads to the present as the Frutigers are getting settled and planting their feet in a great place!




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